Welcome to Gradientong Gourmet Seafood
We give soul to recipes

Welcome to Gradientong Gourmet Seafood
We give soul to recipes

Welcome to Gradientong Gourmet Seafood
We give soul to recipes

Who We Are

The story of GradienTong

GradienTong Ltd, an exciting new partnership between Gradient Aquaculture and Shandong Tongxing Food Co. Ltd., is a boutique food producer with a passion for creating deliciously healthy, premium quality products with one-of-a-kind signature tastes.

Gradient Aquaculture Ltd is a food innovation leader with vast knowledge in the development of food products, supported by premier food engineers and chefs at our state-of-the-art lab in Israel. We create inspirational products, specially adapted to the tastes of our customers.
Shandong Tongxing Food Co., Ltd., is a specialist in value added prepared food products with a plant covering 80,000 Sqm and an annual capacity of 20,000 tons.

After 5 years of working together, producing value added products in Shandong Tongxing Food Co., Ltd and developing new products together, we decided to merge.

GradienTong Ltd has what it takes to offer global customers a comprehensive turnkey food solution – from initial concept to end products adapted to specific markets. Our products are sold across the US, Europe, China, Canada, Australia, Japan and Israel.

We excel at turning inspiring food ideas and quality-sourced raw materials into irresistibly delicious and healthy products for food loving customers worldwide. Each GradienTong product is dreamed up by our in-house chefs, and created with love, soul and a unique culinary twist to indulge your food desires. The result is diverse range of tasty, healthy, time-saving, heat and serve products that delight every time.

To ensure consistent high quality, every part of the supply chain is fully controlled by us. From ongoing R&D and sourcing our raw materials, through processing, to logistics that ensure our products reach customers in perfect condition - you can trust GradienTong to create products that keep your customers hungry for more.

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  • 2019

    Gradientong Gourmet Foods

  • 2018

    Established our Food Lab in Israel for all our new products developments

  • 2017

    Pasta del Mar granted USA Patent

  • 2015

    Gradient Food Tech is established

  • 2014

    Pasta del Mar gains market exposure at the Boston Seafood Show. Recognized as one of the products of the year

  • 2013

    Pasta del Mar goes into R&D stage

  • 2010

    The Neptuno Mariscos company is launched

  • 2008

    Our fish import & export begins

  • 2006

    Our Shrimp farm is launched in South China

  • 2005

    Israel Special Red Tilapia brood stock delivered to China for farming project with the Chinese government.

  • 2003

    Our story begins with fish farming in China

What We Do

Perfection You Can Taste
At GraidenTong, we are committed to creating restaurant quality products, that can go from freezer to fork in just minutes. We don’t strive to be good, we aim for perfection. This means setting ourselves the goal of exceeding our customer expectations every step of the way – from concept to plate. Here’s how we do it:

Perfectly selected raw materials

We use the highest quality raw materials as we believe the quality of the raw materials has a large impact on the finished product.

Perfect taste

We create inspirational products, adapted to the tastes of our markets, at our R&D centre in Israel. From lab to food trials, we maintain constant communication with customers through testing panels till they love the final product.

Perfectly healthy products

A wave of healthy eating trends over the past few years, including high protein, omega enriched foods, low carbs, low calories, low sugar and low salt - have brought an influx of new consumers to the delights of healthier foods. In fact, year-round, people are making room on their plates for more fish and other seafood. A fish-rich diet lowers the risk of heart disease and may help with weight control and early brain development.


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Our Team

A great company that values talent and brings out the best in its people

Noam Weinberg Sehayek


Shahar Weinberg

General Manager

Peter Yu



Israel Office manager

Rachel Zhou

Operation Manager


Logistics Manager

Eran Kra-Oz


Eran Eizik

Marketing Manager

Gil Depicciotto

Food Engineer/Chef

Yoel Benesh

Food Engineer

Shmuel Kish

Food Engineer

Yigal Chai


Kevin Tang

Deputy director general

Cindy Sun

Administration assistance

Indulgent products with a special touch

We offer a wide range of value added healthy and tasty products with a special touch, for customers who are looking for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Happy Clients

Gradient don’t just swim with the current, they think out-of-the-box and provide truly innovative products

They are just the right size, not too small and not too big – agile, fast and totally responsive to our needs.

Gradient are with us through all our dilemmas and challenges. We’re all in the same boat.

We work in partnership, like family. The secret to success is finding the right partners.

Gradient give us everything we need and things we didn’t even realize that we needed.

Their products are high quality, very tasty and their service is great.

We were just a local distributor. We didn’t dream of importing. Gradient gave us a total solution, covering every aspect, even storage.

They have built an incredible new line of unique, high quality kosher products